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Fast + affordable old ac unit disposal in Columbus, Ohio

Old rusted out air conditioner.
At Your Disposal Hauling

We Dispose of Old A/C Units!

Considering how to recycle an air conditioning unit can be a hassle. Do you dispose of a broken air conditioner yourself or pay a hauler? At Your Disposal Hauling provides a quick and affordable option to ac unit disposal, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our hvac unit disposal team serves all of Columbus, Ohio, and can provide the service with 24 hours’ notice.

AC unit disposal is a breeze

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Goodbye A/C Unit!

We will pick up and recycle an air conditioner in line with EPA rules. 

HVAC Unit Disposal

With our handy in-home removals or our discounted curbside window ac unit pickup, getting rid of an air conditioner is simple. You don’t even have to be home if it’s outside! Just pay us electronically when it’s gone.

Old window air conditioner on a blue house.

Have Questions?

If you’re curious about what to do with a broken air conditioner, we’ve included a short frequently asked questions section.

The cost of disposal of old air conditioning units varies depending on their size, location (indoors, curb, etc.), and distance from us. Call or email us, and we’ll gladly give you a cost estimate.

We will pick up an air conditioner for our customers within a 30-mile radius of downtown Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to air conditioner removal and recycling, we can help you in get rid of junk and debris in general.

You can recycle ac units at any metal scrap yard in Columbus, Ohio. New World Recycling will take air conditioners you no longer want or use.

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We're At Your Disposal!

Need to get rid of an air conditioner? With same and next day time slots available, old ac unit pickup can begins as soon as today! Call now to begin.

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