Appliance Disposal

Columbus Appliance Removal ~ Ohio

Local Appliance Pick Up

At Your Disposal Hauling is your responsible, low-cost appliance disposal solution! We pick up and recycle unwanted white goods for Columbus, Ohio residents. Our appliance haulers will properly dispose of anything from an old dehumidifier to a scrap commercial fridge! Best of all, they can help you with appliance removal within 24 hours!

scrap commercial fridge being removed from a store lobby.
recycling icon.
Empty store lobby after removal of commercial refrigerator.

How To Get Rid of Appliances

We Make it Easy!

1. Get a Quote

Call or email us. You can have an appliance removal quote in less than 5 minutes.

2. Schedule the Service

Schedule appliance pick up for a day and time that is convenient for you!

3. Consider it Done!

Empty the appliance and disconnect all gas, hose, and water lines. We are on our way.


Junk and Appliance Removal

Aside from disposing of old appliances, we can provide just about any junk pickup for you, no muss, no fuss! As long as your unwanted items are not hazardous or infested, At Your Disposal Hauling can help you dispose of them.

An old dishwasher and stove at the curb.
An old stackable washing machine and dryer in a driveway.
recycling icon.

Appliance Disposal FAQs

We Are At Your Disposal!

Ready To Schedule?

Junk appliance pickup help is just a call away.

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