Dehumidifier Disposal

Get rid of your old dehumidifier quickly and affordably.

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At Your Disposal Hauling

We Dispose of Dehumidifiers

“How do you dispose of a dehumidifier?” That is the question. Do you recycle dehumidifiers yourself or hire a hauler? Don’t stress over dehumidifier disposal; just call At Your Disposal Hauling! Our prices are fair, our service is prompt, and our company is responsible! For more information, or if you have any questions about recycling dehumidifiers, call us today at 1-614-446-2289!

Dehumidifier disposal is easy

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Accept the quote, and we'll take a broken dehumidifier off your hands within 24 hours.

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Goodbye Dehumidifier!

We will recycle a dehumidifier in line with the EPA's safe disposal requirements.

Dehumidifier Disposal

With our in-home removals or curbside dehumidifier removal, getting rid of old white goods is easy. Can’t be onsite for the dehumidifier pick up? Just leave the device outside, make an electronic payment, and we’ll text you an after photo as proof of pickup.

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Have Questions?

If you’re curious about how to dispose of old devices, we’ve included a short Frequently Asked Questions section.

Prices are determined by the size of the machine, its location (garage, basement, etc.), and your distance from our office. Call or email us, and we’ll gladly provide you with a cost estimate.

If you need to throw away a dehumidifier and live within 30 miles of downtown Columbus, Ohio, we can help.

In addition to recycling dehumidifiers and large appliances, we can help you get rid of junk and debris in general. 

You can take dehumidifiers to New World Recycling or other scrap yards in Columbus, Ohio.

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We're At Your Disposal!

For help getting rid of a dehumidifier, contact us! We’ll give you a quote, set up an appointment, and haul it off after one short call.

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