Fridge Removal

Columbus Fridge Disposal ~ Ohio

Local Refrigerator Disposal

If you need to hire someone to dispose of a refrigerator, consider At Your Disposal Hauling! We offer low-cost fridge removal help to customers in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our company handles both domestic fridge disposal and commercial refrigerator removal projects. Unlike some places that take old fridges, we can provide the service within a day’s notice. 

A scrap fridge was placed in a driveway for easier pickup.
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Old Fridge Removal

We Make it Easy!

1. Contact Us

Send us a picture of the appliance to get the cost of refrigerator disposal in seconds!

2. Set up a Time

Accept the quote and schedule fridge pickup for a day and time that suits you!

3. Goodbye Fridge!

We'll haul away your old refrigerator and recycle it responsibly. It really is that easy!


Fridge and Junk Removal

Besides fridge removal services, we collect and recycle all types of junk for Columbus, Ohio residents. As long as the items you are throwing away aren’t hazardous or infested, At Your Disposal Hauling will dispose of them!

old commercial fridge.
Empty store lobby after removal of commercial refrigerator.
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Fridge Removal FAQs

We Are At Your Disposal!

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