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At Your Disposal Hauling provides hauling services throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. We haul junk for both home and business owners at a fair price.

hauling services

When it comes to hauling service providers, we’re one of the most efficient in town. The reason is that the same person who answers your phone calls or e-mails actually comes out to haul your junk away. Unlike most junk hauling companies in Columbus, the owner is present at EVERY project to ensure you receive top-notch service from start to finish.

Hauling For You!

We get it – deadlines can be tight, and you might need a Columbus hauling service that can adapt to your rigid schedule. That’s us! We’re prepared to haul off junk the same-day if a truck is available, and we’ll even stop by and clear your rubbish after hours if necessary.

Complete Hauling Services

Virtually we haul it all. Other than asbestos; chemicals, and bed bug infested items, the only other thing our junk haulers won’t take is dirt.

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