Water Heater Disposal

Next-Day Hot Water Heater Disposal

Need to get rid of a hot water heater?

If you’re replacing a hot water tank and have one to take to the scrap yard, give At Your Disposal Hauling a call. We haul away old water heaters for customers within a 30-mile radius of downtown Columbus, Ohio. You will not have to wait long for service if you hire us — our water heater disposal team can arrive within 24 hours if you contact us today.

Full-Service Hot Water Tank Disposal

We dispose of all the types of water heaters:



Heat Pump

Solar Powered


Any Hot Water Tank!

Schedule Water Heater Disposal!

With At Your Disposal Hauling, scheduling hot water tank pickup is as easy and fast as ordering a pizza. After you get the new water heater installed, just give us a call, let us know when and where to meet you, and we’ll haul the old one away. It is that simple.

Our Service Areas

We pick up old water heaters in these neighborhoods:

We Are Always At Your Disposal!