Water Heater Disposal

At Your Disposal Hauling

We Recycle Water Heaters in Columbus, Ohio

Do you have a broken hot water tank to take to the scrap yard? Don’t want to haul it yourself? For a fee, At Your Disposal Hauling will handle the water heater disposal for you. We pick up and recycle water heaters for Columbus, Ohio customers and can provide the service within 24 hours’ notice.

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Water Heater Disposal

We Make it Easy

Disposing of an old water heater is easier than you think. Schedule a hot water tank pickup today, and we’ll haul it off tomorrow. You don’t even have to be onsite if the scrap water heater is outside already! Notify us when it’s ready to go. We’ll take it away and collect payment electronically.

Water Tank Disposal FAQs

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We Are At Your Disposal!

Getting rid of a water heater?

Old hot water tank disposal help is at your fingertips

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