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Fast, reliable hot water tank disposal in Columbus, Ohio.

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We Recycle Old Water Heaters in Columbus

Do you have a broken hot water tank to take to the scrap? Don’t want to haul it yourself? For a fee, At Your Disposal Hauling will handle the water heater disposal for you. We pick up and recycle water heaters for Columbus, Ohio customers and can provide the service within 24 hours’ notice.

Water heater disposal is easy

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No More Water Heater!

We will pick up a water heater, haul it away, and recycle it according to EPA rules.

We Make it Easy

Drain the tank, and we’ll do the rest. The water heater disposal teams from At Your Disposal Hauling will collect your scrap hot water tank from both indoor and outdoor sites. Can’t be there when they arrive to pick up a water heater? Take it outside and pay by phone.


Have Questions?

If you’re curious about the best way to dispose of a hot water tank, we’ve included a short Frequently Asked Questions section.

The size of an old water heater and its location on your property are what decide the disposal fee we charge. Place your old hot water tank on your driveway, at the curb, or other easily accessible area if you want the lowest quote.

Used water heaters can’t be disposed of at the dump. Take water heaters to an authorized scrap yard, such as New World Recycling

Aside from recycling old water heaters, At Your Disposal Hauling can help you get rid junk, debris, and other non-hazardous items.

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We're At Your Disposal!

Need help getting rid of a water heater? Call At Your Disposal Hauling today for help with hot water tank disposal in Columbus, Ohio!

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