Piano Removal and Disposal

Columbus Piano Disposal ~ Ohio

Local Piano Removals

If you have an old piano to get rid of, contact At Your Disposal Hauling. We provide piano removal and disposal help to Columbus, Ohio residents. Use our service for the removal of unwanted pianos ranging from spinets to grands. And unlike some places that pick up old pianos, we are available within 24-48 hours. Call the number below to get started!

Console piano removal project in progress.
recycling icon.
After upright piano removal progress.

Piano Removal and Disposal

We Make It Easy

1. Get a Quote

Send us some photos of the unwanted piano and the exit path to get a quote!

2. Book our Services

Approve our piano removal quote and set up a time. Our piano movers are on the way.

3. No More Piano!

Our crew will remove a piano from a house while protecting your property.

Comprehensive Junk &

Piano Removal and Disposal Services

Whether you need to get rid of a piano or junk in general, At Your Disposal Hauling has you covered. With the help of our full-service junk removal company, you can get rid of virtually anything a landfill will take, as long as it isn’t infested.

Spinet piano removal in progress.
After spinet piano removal.

Piano Removal FAQs

We Are At Your Disposal!

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