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Throwing away a piano?

So, you have an old piano to get rid of. Maybe it’s not worth restoring, you’re moving out of Columbus, Ohio, or you just want it gone. Work with At Your Disposal Hauling in that case; we are experts in piano removal and disposal! We can remove a piano from a house within 15-30 minutes. What’s more, we will take it off your hands within 24 hours’ notice.

Piano Disposal and Recycling

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Console Pianos

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Piano Removal and Disposal

Before & After

Preparing a console piano for removal from a living room.
Empty living room space after upright piano removal.
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Piano Disposal Service in Columbus, Ohio

Hauling a piano out of a house may seem like a daunting task. Not so with At Your Disposal Hauling. Years of experience are brought by our expert piano removal team. They know how to get a piano out of a house without damaging your property or themselves!

Piano Removal FAQ

It depends on whether you want to hire a piano disposal company or if you want to get rid of your piano yourself. If the former, call 1-614-446-2289 to get a quote from At Your Disposal Hauling. If the latter, get disposal information from the landfill.

Estimates differ between piano removal companies. Our prices are influenced by the size of the old piano, the difficulty of removing it, and your distance from us. For a quote, call 1-614-446-2289. Even better, send us a picture of the instrument via text or email.

At Your Disposal Hauling picks up old pianos for customers in Columbus, Ohio and a 30-mile radius of downtown. Please call 1-614-446-2289 to see if we provide the service in your area.

We can usually haul away a piano within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request, and in some cases, the same day if you are trying to get rid of a small piano.

We Are At Your Disposal!

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