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Taking apart a rainbow playset is a daunting task that you probably don’t want to take on yourself. So, don’t! if you need to get rid of playground equipment, call At Your Disposal Hauling in Columbus, Ohio; we specialize in playset removal. We can easily remove play equipment, metal or wooden, large or small, from your backyard.

play equipment removal in progress.
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after playground equipment removal.

The Process

How To Get Rid of a Playset

1. Get a Quote

To receive a swing set removal cost estimate, text us a few pictures of your outdoor playset.

2. Book our Services

Accept the quote and have your playground equipment removed in as little as 48 hours.

3. No More Playset!

We'll tear down the swing sets, leaving you with an empty outdoor space to enjoy!

Backyard Playset Removal

We Make it Easy

Hire us to get rid of playground equipment and you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll quickly take down a playset, clean up the work and loading areas, and be on our way! Our playset removal team can do the work even if you are not at home! Simply make an electronic payment upon your return.

Wooden swing set removal in progress.
After wooden swingset removal.
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Playset Removal FAQs

We Are At Your Disposal!

Need to get rid of a swing set?

Wooden or metal, large or small, we got you covered.

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