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You could take down a swing set yourself, but wouldn’t you prefer to leave it to professionals like At Your Disposal Hauling? Our playset removal team has handled dozens of old play equipment projects. If you hire us to take down a playset, we’ll have your playground equipment removed within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Playground Equipment Removal

We make it easy to get rid of a playset

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Get A Quote

Call us to get a playset removal cost estimate. Even better, take some photos of the swing set and text or email them to us.

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Schedule Service

Accept the quote, pick a time and date that works for you, and provide us with the address to which we should send our crew.

Goodbye Playset!

We'll tear down the swing sets, clean up the debris, leaving you with a tidy backyard ready for your next outdoor project.

Playset Demolition

Before & After

playground equipment removal before.
clean yard after removal of play equipment.
At Your Disposal Hauling

Experience You Can Trust

Taking apart a swing set is labor intensive, time consuming, and potentially dangerous. It's just another day at the office for At Your Disposal Hauling. Metal or wooden playset removal, large or small – we do it all! To get a quote or schedule the service, click the button.

Playset Removal FAQ

Your old playground set’s size, its distance from the loading area, and how challenging it is to get there will all affect how much it will cost to have it removed from your backyard. Calling us is the quickest way to get a quote. We’ll address all of your inquiries and, with any luck, set up an appointment for service shortly!

At Your Disposal Hauling offers swing set removal service within a 30-mile radius of downtown Columbus, Ohio.

No, you are not required to be present when the playset is removed. We’ll take down the structure and collect when you return.

We take down playsets within 24 to 48 hours’ notice, Lord willing and if weather permits.

We Are At Your Disposal!

If you need play equipment removed, give us a call!

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