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Columbus Television Disposal

Trinitrons, projection screens, LCD, and more

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Dispose of a Television?

At Your Disposal Hauling offers television disposal help to Columbus junk removal customers. There when you need us, we pick up old TV sets 6 days a week all year round.

From large projection models to portable sets — we recycle them all. Best of all, we’re able to pick up your old television set within 24 hours’ notice. Call or email us now to get a quote.


recycling a tv set

How it works

Many people ask, “Do you have to recycle TV’s in Columbus, Ohio?” Yep, because of the landfill ban, if you need to throw away a tv, and you want to be legal about it, your only option is to recycle it. The cost to recycle a television depends on which recycler you use.

Accurate IT charges $1.50 per diagonal inch (PER SET), and Ohio Drop-off charges $0.50 per pound. We use Accurate IT. Here’s how it works: we charge you what it cost us to recycle it plus a hauling fee for our service. Want to save money? Haul it to Accurate IT yourself. That’s always the cheapest option.

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REAL customer reviews

I couldn’t be happier with their service. I filled out their quote request form late Sunday afternoon, not expecting a response until the next morning. I got a quote and a scheduled pickup within a couple hours that same day. Monday morning, they showed up and took the old TV (a 100-pound Sony CRT) with no muss or fuss. The best part, though, was after I explained that there was nothing wrong with the set but we hadn’t found anyone to buy it or take it as a donation. Not long after they left, we got a call from them saying that they’d been able to donate the set somewhere, and they refunded the disposal fee portion of the charge! These guys are awesome!

Mark M.

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