Television Disposal

a pile of junk TVs at a recycling facility.
At Your Disposal Hauling

Responsible Television Disposal in Columbus, Ohio

Need to get rid of a broken TV? How about a junk computer monitor? Hire our Columbus television disposal team, and we’ll recycle them responsibly. We don’t just haul away old televisions; we take junk too. Schedule now to dispose of old TV sets! At Your Disposal Hauling is open for business 6 days a week year-round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t legally dump a TV in a landfill. To dispose of old TVs and electronics properly, you must haul them to the E-waste recycling facility or hire a television disposal service to drop them off. Accurate IT and Ohio Drop-off are places that take TVs – if you opt for the DIY route.

It costs us $1.50 per diagonal inch (PER SET) to recycle cathode ray tube sets and computer monitors. Like most companies that pick up junk TVs, we charge customers a recycling and hauling fee to use our service. Hauling fees are based on the size of the set and its location on your premises. Call or email us today, and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote.