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Do you have a broken computer monitor, an out-of-date television, or other unwanted electronics? Contact At Your Disposal Hauling for television disposal assistance. We service Columbus, Ohio, as well as a 30-mile radius around the city center. We will take away your flat-screen televisions, projection screens, and other junk. You can trust your local TV disposal service to recycle it properly.

two out of date television sets outside a recycling facility.
A green and white sign with the words "electronics recycling."
How It Works:

Old Television Disposal

At Your Disposal Hauling is ready to help you schedule the pickup of your old television, whether you are disposing of a TV or other household e-waste. However, it is not cheap. Recycling CRT televisions and computer monitors cost us $1.50 per diagonal inch. As a result, the recycling and our service fee will be charged to you. Would you like to save money by hauling it yourself? Please contact Accurate IT for more information on electronics recycling.

Service Areas

We serve the whole of Columbus, Ohio, and these areas too!

"We Are At Your Disposal!"