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Reliable washing machine and dryer disposal in Columbus, Ohio

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We Recycle Washer and Dryers in Columbus, Oh!

“How to get rid of a washer and dryer?” That’s the question. Do you recycle your washing machine and dryer yourself, or will you need to hire someone to do so? If the latter, call At Your Disposal Hauling! We can help you with the proper disposal of washer and dryer equipment of all types. Top-load, front-load, stackable washer and dryer removal, we do it all!

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Disconnect any hoses, gas or water lines, and we’ll do the rest. At Your Disposal Hauling’s washer and dryer removal team will collect your old laundry equipment from indoor or outdoor sites. Can’t be home when they arrive? Take the appliance outside and pay via phone.

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Have Questions?

If you’re curious about how to dispose of an old washer and dryer set, we’ve included a short FAQs section.

Our rates are determined, like most places that pick up washers and dryers in Columbus, Ohio, by the size of the junk washer and dryer set, their location (garage, basement, etc.), and your distance from our office. Call or email us, and we’ll gladly provide you with a cost estimate.

We handle washer and dryer removal projects for customers within a 30-mile radius of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Outside our service area, a washer and dryer pickup will incur higher fees.

Aside from the removal of washer and dryer sets, we can assist you in getting rid of almost anything you no longer need or use. Call us right away to discuss your specific situation.

No. We charge a fee to dispose of appliances, whether they are still working or not. We do, however, offer discounts for newer models. If you want to sell them, we recommend doing so online.

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We're At Your Disposal!

If you’re looking to dispose of a washer and dryer, contact us! We’ll give you a quote, set up a time, and provide the service after one short call.

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