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Contact At Your Disposal Hauling if you’ve got junk to get rid of, and want it gone quickly! We dispose of large unwanted items, clean out cluttered spaces, and demolish and remove small structures. In Columbus, Ohio, and a 30-mile radius of downtown, we provide junk removal services. Call now for a free quote to clear your rubbish!

Full-Service Junk Removal

We're at your disposal year-round to dispose of stuff you don't need

junk items.

Junk & Debris

We remove junk items that won't fit in the trash can, as long as it's not hazardous.



Hire us if you need junk removed from a junky basement or messy garage.

light demolition.

Light Demolition

Use our services for the removal of junk hot tubs, playsets, sheds, and more.

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Our junk removal staff will give you great customer service from the initial estimate to the completion of the job. Furthermore, after we take your junk to the truck, we will put everything we relocated back where it belongs and tidy up the work and loading areas. Finally, we will haul your stuff away and recycle, donate, or dispose of the items properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our hauling and junk removal services are used by customers for all types of rubbish collection projects, including old appliances, discarded furniture, bric-a-brac, construction refuse, broken electronics, yard waste, and much more!

There is no average price to remove junk. Instead, the cost is determined by what we take rather than how fast we load up the items. Send us photos of your bulk waste (via email or text message) and we will respond immediately.

After we pick up your junk, the items will be disposed of at the appropriate landfill, scrap yard, or other waste management facility in Columbus, Ohio.

We pick up junk for customers in Columbus, Ohio and a 30-mile radius of downtown. To find out if we service your area, contact us by phone at 614-446-2289 or by email.

Help with junk removal is typically offered within 24 to 48 hours’ notice.

A dump is not operated by At Your Disposal Hauling. We suggest contacting Swaco for disposal information if you need to get rid of junk and want to do the work yourself.

Our Service Area

We provide junk removal services in these neighborhoods:

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